Protected minors and aware parents

The continuous growth of the diffusion and capabilities of mobile phones made these devices one of the most used object all over the world and, especially, among minors. Indeed, kids easily tend to get confident with them and are usually very skilled in exploiting their full potential for their communication and entertainment purposes.Nevertheless, mobile devices also create serious issues about their safe and correct usage. Almost every owner, experiencing a loss or a theft, faced the problem of protecting his/her personal data. Moreover, when the user is a minor, new dangers arise.The high degree of connectivity, involving different types of channels, and the fairly rich hardware profiles of modern mobile devices allow behaviours like video recording and sharing of contents that cannot be put under control by parents or other authorities. The existing technology offers a limited and often insufficient protection, a scarce configurability and is rarely suitable for the real necessity of minors and parents.


How to get actual protection?alt

According to these observations (also confirmed by the news papers columns), many experts correctly suggest parents to be very careful when entrusting a mobile device to their children. However, considering their capabilities, mobile devices could also represent a valuable ally in minors’ protection. For instance, a mobile phone can be used to discover the location of its owner and, in case of emergency, to send help queries. In this sense, a correctly used device can be seen as a protection mechanism rather than a source of dangers. In other words, parents should be able to configure and exploit their children devices for obtaining security guarantees and a concrete help.

The iCareMobile solution

altiCareMobile is a tool offering a complete control over the functionalities of mobile phones, increasing the protection against external attacks and undesired usages, till reaching a totally customized security defense. Using iCareMobile one can obtain a never experienced security degree that is out of the range of the traditional protection mechanisms. The totally customizable configurations of iCareMobile can directly convert the personal security perception and rules into an effective, corresponding control. This and other features make iCareMobile a solution adapting to the necessity of each user also offering a global answer to the security needing. In this way, the rules that, currently, we can only ask our children to respect are directly  translated into actual and effective security controls. This result is also due to the auxiliary components integrating iCareMobile with highly specialized features like, for instance, the automatic detector of pornographic pictures and videos that is able to detect and delete these contents before minors can access them. Similarly, iCareMobile can apply rules like “always sms me when you leave from school” or “don’t use videogames while you’re at school”.